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My First Shooting Experience

When I was first asked to go shooting, I thought how crazy that sounded! I had never considered handling guns. However, I accepted the second invitation I received to go shooting. I found the practice of the sport interesting – that it was not just shooting a gun, it was learning something new. Finally, I can say that I love shooting all types of weapons, from the small handguns to the rifles and shotguns.

My first practice was exciting. At first I was nervous because I had never held a gun, but as the instructor explained about the gun and shooting, I became calmer and my nerves turned to excitement. We spent several hours trying out different weapons and shooting ant various targets. At the end of the session, I was very proud of myself – I was able to handle and shoot the guns!

Everyone should know how to shoot a gun. If there is a gun in the house, everyone

should know about them and how to handle them correctly and safely. As a woman I know that many times, we do not take care to learn certain things, but this is important for you and your family. I found the experience unique and enjoyable and continue my shooting practice to learn more and because it is fun! I feel confident that I can safely and effectively use a gun.

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