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Welcome to Armeria del Sur

We are proud to provide quality arms, ammunition, and equipment for self defense, and sport at reasonable prices.

Come on buy and save!


Enjoy More Shooting Fun with

Less Expensive Reloaded Ammunition!

 by, Jeffrey Van Myers

As of the present time, we believe that Armeria del Sur is the ONLY commercially licensed supplier of reloaded ammunition in Costa Rica.  As a result, we are now able to offer economical, reloaded ammunition in the most popular calibers for target practice, home defense and small game or varmit hunting.


We highly recommend that you use reloaded ammunition when you go to your favorite poligonno for two primary reasons:  First, because we reuse once-fired brass and cast our own lead bullets, we are able to sell our reloaded ammunition at a much lower cost than new ammunition (sometimes as much as 50% less that equivalent factory loaded ammunition).  As a result, for the same cost, you get to have more fun with their firearms, while improving your shooting skills.

We take great care to insure that our reloads will fire every time when used in a firearm in good condition.  During the manufacturing process, we test fire random samples from each batch.  However, sometimes a round, new or reload, will fail to fire because of defects in either the round itself or, sometimes, in the firearm.  For example, a failure to fire may be caused by a defective primer or powder that has absorbed too much humidity and fails properly to ignite.  Sometimes, if the firearm is old or has not been properly maintained, the firing pin or striker will simply be unable to ignite the primer.  The best way to determine if the firearm is the problem is to try to fire the "bad" round in a firearm known to be in good condition: if it fires, the round was good and the firearm should be inspected and, if necessary, repaired.


2-for-1 Guaranteed to Fire!


If a reloaded round purchased from us fails to fire, just bring the problem cartridge back to us, along with the gun used to fire the ammunition.  If we are able to verify that the problem was with our reloaded ammunition, we will give you, at no extra cost, 2 fresh reloads for the 1 bad reload!  If, however, we determine that the problem is with your firearm, we will be happy to work with you to return the firearm to fully functional condition.

Featured Hand Gun

Hi-Point 9mm This is an inexpensive handgun available with an 8 or 10 shot magazine.


Featured rifle

Winchester’s 1873 rifle was the “Rifle that Won the West. ” It was chambered in a new, more powerful cartridge, the .44-40—a .44 caliber bullet, propelled by 40 grains of black powder. However, a factor that really insured the success of the 1873 Winchester rifles was that Colt quickly offered its Peacemaker chambered in .44-40, as well. 

Featured Air Gun

Daisy Air Pistol 5501.  This air gun has realistic semi-auto blowback action which makes it feel like a real pistol! Well made, fun to use for all ages.



Simple Rules to Keep You and Others Safe!


1. All guns are loaded


2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.


3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target.

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