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Fun for All!


Shooting at a range is an excellent sport for everyone. Regular shooting at a provides much needed practice to develop and keep up your skills and can offer a place for those new to gun use to establish comfort and skill. You can participate as an individual, a family, or a team. Ranges offer short and long distance options suitable for firearms and airguns. Shorter ranges are best for pistols and revolvers,  longer distance is necessary for shotguns or rifles.

Armeria del Sur now offers a wide variety of reloaded ammunition at a much lower cost than manufactured ammunition, making it more affordable to practice your shooting skills!


Armería del Sur has a short indoor range open by reservation for air guns only - contact us for availability.  We are also working with several outdoor ranges (polygonos) in the area from San Isidro to Buenos Aires that offer both short and long distance target options.


Classes in Gun Safety, Gun Cleaning and Weapon Skills                                            

Our staff* is able to provide sessions covering  gun safety, cleaning, and weapon skills by appointment.

We are hoping to provide scheduled classes in the near future, including the psychological test (in English and

Spanish) that is part of obtaining a gun permit.


Gun Safety, Gun Cleaning and Weapon Skills taught by Jeffrey Myers.

Jeff is co-owner of Armeria del Sur and Grupo Seguridad Valle Próspero.

He is an armorer with training in machining, various gun protection and finishes and and specializes in vintage firearm conservation and repair. He loves antique weapons and is hoping to start black powder cowboy action shooting in Costa Rica!  

He is a certified National Rifle Association (NRA) Range Safety Officer and a certified Single Action Shooter Society (SAS) Range Officer RO2. Jeff served as an officer in the US Air Force 1968-1972. He has been shooting firearms of all types since he was 8 years old and believes it is one of the most fun and challenging of sports. 

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