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Accessories & Equipment

Baton, Fury PR24

In Stock

One Piece Polycarbonate Construction

Molded Rubber Grip Pad Handle

Integrated Side Handle

Weight: 1 lb 2.3 oz

Price: ¢8,320.00

Pink 7.8M Stun Gun

In Stock

Compact Size

Conceals Easily
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Non-Slip Rubber Coating

Price: ¢5,650.00

Black Jack, Police

In Stock

Extended 12.5 inches long.

Folded only

Non-slip grip

High quality steel

Price: ¢21,150.00

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Bulletproof Vest / Chaleco, Tactico (NcSTAR)

In Stock

Plate carrier is applicable both front and back.

Comes with adjustable velcro straps.

Comfortable to wear, easy to adjust.


Price: ¢37,000.00

Cotton Camouflage Belt / Cinturon camuflado algodon

In Stock

Just One

Color: Camouflaged

Price: ¢3,240.00

Police Belt / Cinturon policia Completo

In Stock

Velcro outer belt with eight pieces.Made of high quality ballistic nylon. Three-point safety lock. Valid for any type of trousers. It can be used alone or as an outer part. Compatible with inner belt. Composed of extensible cover, Canana for 5 bullets, Spray case or lantern, Shack holder, Universal gun case with charger and two separators.

Price: ¢17,745.00

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Carbine Carry Case / Funda, Carabina

In Stock

Sheath 112 cm long.

Capacity for the viewfinder.

Resistant, excellent combination of selected materials to protect your carbine. 

As always Gamo has thought of this sheath as an accessory indispensable for the care of its carbine.

Price: ¢21,600.00

Shotgun Carry Case / Funda, Escopeta

In Stock

Carrying strap.

Color: black.

High quality.

Price: ¢21,600.00

Handcuff Belt Case / Funda, Esposas

In Stock

Closed waist belt case for handcuffs.

Good quality.

Price: ¢4,200.00

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Tasco Rimfire 4x15 Rifle Scope

In Stock

3/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
Parallax set at 50 yards
Coated lenses
1-year limited warranty

Price: ¢15,030.00

X-Body Smart Phone and Concealed Carry, Purple

In Stock

Perfect for small wallet, checkbook, glasses along with your smart phone, pepper spray or concealed carry weapon.

Flat front open slot pocket

Designed for use with the left or right hand

Special padding to protect and conceal weapons.

Price: ¢36,500.00

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Blackhawk Tactical Holster

In Stock

Flexible thigh platform

conforms to leg size.
Harness suspension

system distributes

weight evenly, keeps holster

vertical when kneeling,

and allows use of pants pocket.

Price: ¢77,500.00

Buck Knife Combo 373 Trio/379 Solo

In Stock

Closed Length: 3.25 inches
Blade Length: 2.63 inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel (420HC)

Knife Type: Folding


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El Paso Saddlery Dual Duty Holster

In Stock

Material: Leather
Style: Outside the Waistband
Maximum Belt Width: 1.75 Inches
Hand: Right
Muzzle: Open
Attachment Style: Belt Loop

Price: ¢70,000.00

Handcuffs / Esposas, Fury

In Stock

Manufactured In K-60

Stainless Steel

Union Type: Hinge

Keys: Standard

Construction: Riveting

Mechanism: Double Closure

Weight: 360 grs

Longitude: 215 mm

Maximum Opening: 50 mm

Folding Grades: 20 mm

Price: ¢19,775.00

Fobus HPP RH Paddle Holster

In Stock

Passive retention, one-piece holster body construction.

Retention adjustment screw with passive retention.

Protected sight channel.

Low profile design for concealability.

Rubberized paddle insert for extra stability.

Steel reinforced rivet attachment.

Available in number of carry options.

Price: ¢35,500.00

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Handcuff / esposa Keys (Fury)

In Stock

Fury wrenches.

Nickel plated.

Price: ¢2,100.00

Pepper Spray, Sabre Red

In Stock

  • Disables an attacker for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • The effects are immediate, causing burning of the skin, eyes, cough and difficulty breathing.

  • The eyes are closed involuntarily blinding the attacker temporarily.

  • A spray to the face is enough to stop the attacker.

  • Symptoms disappear after 1 hour.

  • Ability to shoot: 25 shots in 1 second.

It is also effective against animals, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Price: ¢8,350.00

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Tactical Leg Pouch / Pierneras

In Stock

Tactical leg pouch, has divisions inside and outside the bag for more equipment.

Price: ¢18,000.00

Belt Case for Defensive Spray / Porta Gas

In Stock

Polyester, RT Brooch and Polypropylene 

Color: Black

Price: ¢1,800.00

Leatherman Wingman Tool

In Stock

  • Stainless-steel construction provides durability

  • 1-handed opening ensures easy use

  • Spring-action jaws for excellent performance

  • 14-tool design is convenient

  • Lightweight, compact design makes it easy to carry the tool in your pocket

Price: ¢30,000.00

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Caldwell Behind-the-Head Electronic Muffs

In Stock


Adjustable volume control

Audio input jack
Stereo sound

Cushioned foam ear cups
Power indicator light

Price: ¢31,102.00

Caldwell E-Max Electronic Muffs

In Stock

Ear Cup Width: 1.75"

Batteries: 2 AAA (not included)

NRR: 23 dB

Cutoff: 85dB

Price: ¢25,000.00

California Competition Works Tactical Stripper

In Stock

Provides controlled carry of four or six, 3", 12 gauge shells for fast, fumble-free reloads. Clips to belt, allows spare rounds to be grasped without fumbling or dropping; reduces reload times.

Price: ¢28,100.00

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Flashlight electric (Foco Chuzo)

In Stock


Electric choke safe, easy to use and does not require permission to carry.


Price: ¢12,600.00

Flashlight, Rechargeable LED

In Stock

Powerful 1000 volt discharge that affects the nervous and muscular system.

It incorporates a strong focus Led white light.

As a safety measure has a switch that activates the passage of voltage in the back when only want to use the bulb.

Metallic material. (Not plastic) .

Comfortable and cautious size 17 cm long.


Folding Cot With Mattress

In Stock

Sleep in comfort with the GigaTent Comfort Folding Cot with Mattress. Its thick 1 "foam mattress and steel springs guarantee you a good night's sleep. The polyester deck does not create pressure points like wire or spring decks, and the springs along the edge allow it to conform to your body.

Price: ¢52,590.00

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GTM Bucket Tote w/Gun Compartment, Brown

In Stock

Elegant and Practical.

Full grain tumbled drum dyed leather with microfiber accents.

Will get butter soft with use.

Highly durable.

Price: ¢56,500.00

Tactical Holster - Beretta (Blackhawk)

In Stock


Weight: 0.45kg


Item Style: holster belt

Suitable for: Beretta

Suit for: user of the right hand

Price: ¢65,000.00

GTM Hobo Handbag w/Gun Compartment, Black

In Stock

Designed for either Left or Right Handed use.

Special padding to prevent gun imprinting.


11-Ply Steel Cable Reinforced.

Price: ¢63,100.00

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Gun Repair Parts

In Stock

Good quality.

Let us know what you need.

Price: Depends on the part

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