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Special Services

Cold Blueing


Cold blueing is a process that we offer to correct and protect your gun’s metal surfaces. Traditional guns are blued or browned to provide a thin coating of very tight rust on the surface. Over time, this coating will wear off during normal handling of the gun.  For example, regular use, salt in sweat, or even the salt and humidity in the air will eventually wear off the finish. This means that the bare steel is gradually exposed to corrosion.  Although not as robust as hot blueing, the chemicals we use are safer and more environmentally friendly.



Gun Conservation


Rust is one of the biggest issues facing gun owners in Costa Rica. If you have an older gun that has, over time, become rusted or pitted, it may be possible to  stop the rusting process and restore some level of surface protection.  In the industry, this process is often referred to as a "conservation" process rather than a "restoration" process.  During our conservation process,  we slowly remove as much surface rust as possible without further damaging the surfaces of the gun.  We then apply a special coating to deep seal the pores and pits.  We then finish with a coating of good quality gun oil.  If kept oiled, this process will result in an increased lifetime of your classic firearm.



Stock Refinishing and Grip Replacement


Over time, stocks on rifles and shotguns and grips on handguns wear out or become damaged. We provide two types of stock refinishing: if you desire a shiny, smooth surface, we can remove any old varnish (including a polyurethane), and apply a new varnish; but, if you are a traditionalist, we have the ability to remove the existing surface treatment and apply a classic oil, either raw linseed or tung - this has been the standard treatment for more than a century on almost all military firearms.  If you desire, we may be able to obtain a custom-built or a manufactured replacement. For handguns, we are also offering custom wood grips.

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